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5 Ways to Vote

This year each contestant can rack up points by:

  • Votes from this page (one person or legitimatge email)
  • Pinterest "Pins", "Likes", and "Comments" - How many people will pin your project? Click on the Pinterest icon above.
  • Facebook "Likes", "Comments", and "Shares" (shares are worth 2 points) - How many people will like your project? Click on the Facebook icon above.
  • Instagram "Likes" and "Comments" - How many people will like your project? Click on the Instagram icon above.
  • YouTube views, likes and comments. ­How many people will view your project video?
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Ryan Shurtleff
Votes: 2

Kevin Bowman
Votes: 17

Cory Larson
Votes: 6

Justin Miller
Votes: 1

Justin Johnson
Votes: 5

Jeff Lind
Votes: 1

Gavin Harry
Votes: 12

Bud Hughes
Votes: 1

Wind River
Votes: 1

Vince Adams
Votes: 2

Troy Jackson
Votes: 4

Stan Plewe
Votes: 3